Surface Disinfection

Why Surface Disinfection Services?

Don’t just feel safer; be safer! In the current environment, contamination threats are a concern for everyone — not just a concern for health, but a concern for business. The threats are both airborne and surface-based. With A Safer Surface disinfection services, you will feel safer knowing that your business (or residence) is a disinfected, safer space.


  • A safer, healthier environment by advanced, effective treatment
  • Development and implementation of a complete disinfection strategy for the long-term
  • Availability of certification to promote to your staff and customers
  • Confidence and peace of mind that you are being proactive
  • Confidence and peace of mind for your customers and staff

Two Levels of Service​

Disinfect Service

Our DISINFECT Service is the advanced application of a hospital-grade disinfectant to kill at least 99.999% of 47 different microorganisms in a comprehensive manner. The chair you sit in, the car you drive or the high touch surfaces such as keyboards and mice, door handles, counters, furniture, and more can be disinfected to create a safer environment for you.

Not all disinfectants are the same! A 99.9% disinfectant purchased at the store is not equal to a commercial disinfectant that is 99.999% effective. The disinfectant used by A Safer Surface is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Its formula contains a unique form of stabilized chlorine dioxide that is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold yet non-corrosive to treated articles and gentle enough to handle without causing skin irritation. It is approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. 

Not only is the disinfectant effective, but it is also safe. It’s so safe that you can spray food surfaces and let them air dry without rinsing prior to use (National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Registered (#141392) Sanitizer). You can even wash your hands in our disinfectant as it isn’t irritating to skin.

Having a safe, effective disinfectant is only one part of the equation for effective disinfection.  Incomplete coverage or insufficient dwell time can adversely impact the effectiveness of any disinfectant. How you apply disinfectant is as important as what disinfectant you use!

A Safer Surface uses advanced electrostatic sprayers to apply our disinfectant. Unlike bottle or pump sprayers that apply liquid unevenly, do not provide full coverage, and end up puddling, advanced electrostatic spraying addresses all these concerns. Electrostatic sprayers:

  • Offer right-sized atomized particles to provide sufficient dwell time.
  • Apply an electric charge that adds magnetic properties to the disinfectant to both increase attraction to the targeted surface and causes the particles to uniformly cover the surface.
  • Wrap disinfectant around items to seek out untreated surfaces and crevices (watch in action).
  • Bond the disinfectant more firmly to the surface, enabling an optimal residual effect

Protect Service

Our Protect Service adds a coating over the disinfection layer and protects disinfected surfaces for up to 90 days. It uses a unique physical coating that adheres to surfaces and inactivates microorganisms by physically impaling them. This electrostatically applied protectant is completely safe and effective when combined with a regular cleaning regiment. The Protect coating is an evolutionary surface coating treatment in which its EPA-registered antimicrobial active ingredient is a proprietary silane-based molecule. This molecule effectively controls and ruptures surface-damaging bacteria, fungi, and mold on a variety of treated articles and substrates. 

Close up on a sick man hand transmitting virus by skin contact 3D rendering

When properly applied to any surface, the products:

  • Bond to that surface at a molecular level for extended periods of time.  
  • Work like a clear anti-microbial paint, creating a durable, long-lasting, self-cleaning surface. They work to control the growth of microorganisms that cause odors, surface damage, and stains.
  • Are approved by governments of many foreign countries as a long-term disinfectant (China, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand).

Be Even Safer: Ongoing, Active Disinfection Treatment

To achieve the ultimate level of on-going disinfection, add a third layer of active disinfection with our air purification systems. Not only will these systems help purify and protect the air in your space, but they also help protect surfaces. This is due to the proprietary ActivePure® Technology derived from NASA Technology as used on the International Space Station. 

This is the only Certified Space Technology in the world in its class. ActivePure® Technology utilizes a proprietary hydrophilic photocatalytic coating, consisting of non-nano titanium dioxide with a combination of additional transition elements to enhance efficiency. Activated by a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, oxygen and humidity are extracted from the air to create a host of powerful oxidizers that target air and surface pollution. These oxidizers are extremely effective at destroying bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other environmental contaminants. Most significantly, they are not harmful to humans, pets, and plants and are completely safe for indoor use.


If you treat the prescribed high-touch surfaces with us, your business (or home) will be certified by A Safer Surface. This offers:

  • Signage you can physically display on the entrance and in the lobby of your business to show your employees and customers that you’re committed to safer surfaces and a safer environment.  
  • A website, linked to a QR code on the window cling (right), that promotes and educates what our certification means.
  • Social media opportunities to promote your certification and disinfection efforts.

Please note, certification isn’t granted for a one-time disinfection spray. A customer must authorize the PROTECT application, but a scheduled disinfection treatment plan is recommended to extend the duration of the certification.

To learn more about the science and technology or pricing for A Safer Surface, please follow the link below!