Sanitized Certification

A Safer Surface Certification

Certification Provides Peace of Mind

A Safer Surface Certification is not given for just being a customer… it is earned for engaging A Safer Surface to perform regularly scheduled disinfecting treatments! To obtain certification, a facility MUST:

  1. Commit to a service plan to treat and maintain safer surfaces through application of a safe, hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of 47 different pathogens, including Covid-19.
  2. Agree that all recommended high-touch surfaces at the facility are treated as part of the service. This includes items like door handles, bathrooms, counters, chairs, tables and more. No high-touch surfaces can be excluded to maintain certification!

Use professional services by A Safer Surface utilizing scientific approaches to ensure proper coverage and appropriate dwell time to safely reduce dangerous pathogens while complying to the fullest with all EPA standards and product manufacturer protocols.

This Means:
  • You are engaging with a business you can trust is making all efforts to protect the health of its customers, staff and business partners

  • You are entering a space that has been disinfected with a very powerful, hospital-grade disinfectant (kills 99.999% of pathogens) that is proven very safe and effective

  • This company is committed to providing healthier and Safer Surfaces